İnglând Siget Balochi Phonemic Writing Dictionary

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İnglând Siget Language Phonemic Writing Dictionaries A a; ama, amma; Ă ă, Â â, B b; borza, برز ئه; brat, برات; C c, Č č; čoc, چک; D d; dost, دوست; D̃ d̃, Ḑ ḑ, E e, È è, F f, G g, Ǧ ǧ, H h, İ i, J j, L l, M m, N n, Ñ ñ, O o, Ò ò, Ő ő, P p; pet, پت; R r, S s, Ș ș, Ś ś, T t, T̃ t̃, Ț ț, U u, Ű ű, V v, Z z, Ź ź

Mansel Longworth Dames – A Textbook of Balochi Language, English Balochi Glossary

Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi – Balochi Language Dictionary

Farideh Okati, Pétur Helgason, Carina Jahani – Diphthongization in Five Iranian Balochi DialectsFronting of Back Vowels in the Iranian Balochi Dialects

Pakzad Yousefian – Causative Constructions in Baluchi Language of Iran

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