İnglând Siget Gypsy Phonemic Writing Dictionary

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İnglând Siget Language Phonemic Writing Dictionaries A a; aves; Ă ă; Â â; B b; bes; beso; bundo; buzn; buzno; C c; cerc; cerm; Č č; D d; Ḋ ḋ; Ḑ ḑ; E e; È è; F f; foro; G g; gono; guruv; guruvni; guruvniia; Ǧ ǧ; H h; her; I i; ilo; J j; L l; lil; lolo; lon; M m; mișto; mo; mohton; moro; mucles; N n; Ñ ñ; O o; opre; Ò ò; Ő ő; P p; pec; R r; ricono; rig; rom; romni; ruv; S s; sem; sigo; so; soceres; sovel; Ș ș; șoșoi; șucar; Ś ś; T t; te; terno; tume; tumen; Ṫ ṫ; Ț ț; U u; Ű ű; V v; vurdon; Z z; zeleno; zor; zoral; Ź ź

Katri Vuorela, Lars Borin – Finnish Gypsy

Charles Francis – Gypsy language database

Lucian Iancu – Gypsy-Romanian-French dictionary, grammar lexicon 

Ronald Lee – Gypsy-English dictionary

John Dalton, John Owens – Gypsy language database

Johann Christian Christoph Rüdiger – On the Indic Language and Origin of the Gypsies

Gheorghe Sarău – Gypsy-Romanian Dictionary, linguistic database

Fergus Smith – Gypsy language

Angela Libal, Will Strain – Gypsy-English dictionary

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